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A Night For Professionals To Connect And Get Feedback On Their Creative Work

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5:30PM, Thursday Oct 20th

121 Studios, 211 King Street London, Ontario

Behance Portfolio Reviews

Behance Portfolio Reviews are held around the world from New York to Brazil, Montreal to Malaysia.

Attendees have the opportunity to both present and receive feedback on their work, network with other designers, hear from experienced professionals and see what London has to offer.

London, Ontario has a great creative community and this event helps to welcome new members of London and surrounding area whether they are students, freelancers or already working in the industry.

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Companies Attending

These companies have all graciously donated their time into this event, and are attending to look over your work, give critiques and answer any questions you may have. They are the best of the best, and have strengths in traditional as well as digital design. They work on posters, brochures, branding, websites, game design and everything in between.

Announcing more companies soon. Stay tuned!



Get to know other attendees while we welcome you to the event.


Attendees and companies break off into pairs and begin the reviewing process.


Throughout the event there is the opportunity to mingle and network with other attendees.


"I was matched with amazing companies who gave a lot of feedback on my work. Having done the portfolio reviews helped me a lot with my confidence presenting to possible employers. If you're a design student, you NEED to go to this, you won't experience this in school."

Kenzie Jones, Graphic Designer at Eyelook Media.

"Attending the BPRs was one of the smartest career moves I ever made. It was one of the first networking events I ever went to, although I was quite nervous, I made many meaningful connections and learned a great deal. I'm glad I got over my nerves and just went for it; because, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without that experience."

Brittany Toonen, Graphic Designer at Little Black Design.

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